Other Projects

Other woodworking and carpentry projects Jack's worked on.

Bean Trellis

Here's a quick trellis for pole beans to climb.

It looks strong enough for gymnasts to practice on too.

This garden was a swimming pool for about 21 years when we had it filled with earth to make our garden.

The walk way has a copper bucket connected to a drain hose which goes into a barrel and siphons off excess water.

Bean trellis

Driveway Fence

A really unique looking fence along edge of driveway.

Note the handle mounted on the fence post at the bottom-right of photo: that's for assistance in stepping up from the yard next door.

Driveway fence

Oval mirror frame

A frame for a mirror in a nice but tricky oval frame.

Note the fancy wood trim in the garage window in the photo of the mirror resting on the ground...

Oval mirror frame
Oval mirror frame

Split log benches

These are some benches Jack made for friends using his carpentry & woodworking skills.

They brought the Hemlock split log, and Jack added legs on them and a back on one.

The benches were intended to be purely decorative, but the Hammonds just can't resist sitting on them. Had Jack known that, he'd have planed and sanded the seating area, but they do the job just fine as-is.

The legs mounted onto the log
A bench with legs and backrest
Jack relaxing on a split log bench