About Jack's Carvings

A Collection of Wood Crafts

Everything from horses, carriages, wagons, sleighs, and harnesses are all hand made with meticulous detail.

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You could have your own childhood memories come alive in model form, just ask Jack.

This is a collection of hand crafted horses, wagons
and sleighs by Jack Barnes, Cambridge, ON.

Many hundreds of hours were required to complete
this collection.

All horses, wagons and sleighs are from memory of
growing up on a small farm in Simcoe County in the
late 1930s and 1940s.

In the late 1940s Jack became a woodworker and
spent the rest of his working life doing
woodworking. Jack has not worked with horses for
about 55 years before starting this project. He carved
the horses from solid wood then built the wagons and
sleighs to go with them. Jack made the harnesses
with real leather and all fittings are made from brass
or silver wire.

This project is dedicated to Jack's parents, Norman
and Mary Barnes, who struggled through the worst of
times to raise their family. Horses, wagons, and
sleighs were very important on the farm.

Jack holding a sleigh


I like the logo image too. Nice photograph and my what a talented and surely handsome artist cleaned that up and put it on this site.

Good work on the model horses & wagons!